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Bruce Tuggle (My Choice Things Online)

I've only just gotten started with TAEs at Admin For Free. The two sites I purchased are now ready for prime time. I also transferred another TAE to AFF which is also running. I plan to purchase another TAE that I currently rent and move it to AFF as well.

If you haven't got it yet, I like this system AND the support that has been provided.


Rick Leach Autopilot Traffic)

Hello future website owners. My name is Rick Leach and I started out at Admin For Free in 2010. I had the opportunity to be Admin on one of their websites. Once I found out how easy it was to run I purchased one.

With just a few clicks the ads are sent.

If you ever wanted to purchase a site but was a little intimidated, relax its easy.

To Your Success,
Rick Leach


Aldo Guillen (Ultimate Traffic)

I have a text ad exchange with Admin For Free and this is a great help with my advertising efforts. I have improved my skills in advertising. Thanks Admin For Free, you rock!


James Wagner (Home Run Solos)

Admin For Free has allowed me the freedom to run my own profitable business for a fraction of what others charge for their sites.

The support is First Class. I know they will resolve any problem or answer any question within hours. I always recommend Admin For Free to anyone who's looking to venture into the online advertising business.

I would buy more sites for Admin For Free in a second, because of their support and professional designed sites.


John Harding (Rainbow Solos)

Wow, simply amazing. Outstanding top quality sites, exceptional service and support.  I was so
impressed with the site I was the admin for I bought it off them.


Gary Kovach (Mighty Solos)

Admin For Free has no equal! In the first 24hrs, I made $44.10 commissions! This is only going
to get better! It is truly one of a kind. Do not pass up the chance to work with these great


Mel Stubbs (Just Great Traffic)

A huge thank you to the marvellous people at Admin for free. I am having a ball being admin for
their sites and the support you guys give is second to none, with answers to my problems from
real caring people.  Everything is laid out in simple, easy to understand language that anyone
can understand and follow. Even me!  I’m sticking around here!


Leonie Easterbrook (Win Share Traffic)

This has been one of the best decisions I have made, and one of the more positive steps I
have taken, as an online marketer. Thank you Admin For Free, you’ve, made it possible
for me to make my dreams come true!


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